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Aoshima Gram Lights 57Xtreme wheels

The Aoshima box. S-Parts Series, No.152

The back of the box shows the typical Aoshima wheels instructions, showing how to properly attach the tires because of the direction, the decal sheet included and how to attach the decals

These are all the included parts: tires, decal sheet, poly caps and the rims!

Here is a close up of the rims. They come in silver, are nicely detailed and have longer lug nuts which can be easilly painted in another colour if required. There are no air valves though. Also, they are mounted on the sprue with two pins from the back side, so once they are cut from the sprue, a quick sanding would remove any sprue evidence!

This is what I like most about the rims: their deep look! Once you look at them from a side, you can clearly see their deep angle, making them very realistic too

This is the overall diameter of each rim; 20.72mm in case you're planning on using different tires

This is also the width of each rim, 11.53mm

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These are the stretch tires included with the 57Xtreme rims. They are very detailed and have almost no flash parts to remove at all. These tires get smaller towards the inner side, meaning they are meant to be mounted at a stance, not straight. If these tires are mounted straight, not stanced, the tire would only be touching the floor at the outer side of the wall

There is also a plastic bag containing 4 rubber poly caps

This is the included decal sheet which has several nice Volk, Work and Rays decals

Here's a comparison of the included stanced tires (left) with a set of 18" Fujimi Bridgestone Potenza tires (right). From the picture above, one can easily note the angle of the stanced tire, as explained earlier

Here's another comparison, this time the tires are mounted to the 57Xtreme rims. Middle one is the stretch tire from the included set, while the right one is the same Fujimi Bridgestone Potenza tire

Finally, this is what I really don't like about these tires; they are way narrower than the rims, as can be seen above from the set-up in the middle. Don't know the reason behind it, but they look silly being so narrower than the rims, especially when looked from the rear once mounted on a car. One might think that the easiest option would be to cut the rims in the same width as the tires, but in my opinion this would make the tires unrealistically narrow once mounted to a 1:24 scale car

I have used these rims on my Aoshima Toyota 86. For this, I have used the 18" Fujimi Bridgestone tires seen compared above instead of the stanced tires included. The rims were sprayed in light gun-metal grey with black nuts and added a set of air valves. Here are the rims and Fujimi tires sitting low beneath the arches of my completed Toyota 86!

Overall, this is a great set of wheels from Aoshima. If like me, you don't like the tires, you might want to think about a replacement set. Many are available out there. However, full points go to Aoshima for the rims. I really like their look.

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