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Aoshima Buddy Club P1 wheels

The Aoshima box. S-Parts Series, No.96

The back of the box has the typical Aoshima wheels instructions, showing how to properly attach the tires, a preview of the decal sheet included and how to attach the decals

These are all the included parts: tires, poly caps, decal sheet, and of course, the rims!

Here is a close up of the rims. They come in a nice bronze-like colour, are nicely detailed and have longer lug nuts which can be easilly painted in another colour if required. There are no air valves though. Also, they are mounted on the sprue with two pins from the back side, so once they are cut from the sprue, a quick sanding would remove any sprue evidence!

The rims are also clearly labelled as Front and Rear. The difference between them is the centre part where the front ones have the shaft popping out while the rears have a flat centre cap

This is the overall diameter of each rim; 18.19mm in case you're planning on using different tires. The width of each rim is almost 11mm too (sorry for forgetting to take a picture of this!)

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This is the overall diameter with the tires attached, 24.67mm

The only disadvantage with these rims is the back side, since this is not sprayed or anything. Just plain, plastic white! So if you plan to keep that standard bronze colour, you might want to give the back side some airbrushing to cover this problem

These are the tires that are included with the Buddy Club P1 Racing rims. They are very detailed and just need a quick sanding to the middle part to remove the typical flash mark. I really like the tread on these tires as they have that Advan-style look! The poly caps included can also be seen above, and are the common type supplied with most Aoshima wheel sets

Here's a closer look at the tread of the tires. The tire walls are plain though, without any manufacturer logo on either side

This is the decal sheet included. You may notice that there are many decals which are not related to the rims you have purchased, and that's because this decal sheet is common with 4 different Aoshima wheels sets

To finish off, here's how the Buddy Clubs look beneath an EK. Picture above shows them with the arch resting on the tires

And this is an even better look, with the wheel resting inside the arch: the typical fitment seen on many real EK Civics!

Overall, this is a great set of wheels from Aoshima. I got mine straight from Japan and with shipping included the price was around 8.50 Euros which is great considering the quality of these rims and the tread on the tires you get. Very recommended!

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