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Crazy Modeler EP0063 - Nissan & Nismo R34 GT-R Photo-Etch Set

This Crazy Modeler photo-etch parts set is compatible with the Tamiya Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R (V-Spec & V-Spec II kits) and also with the Tamiya Nismo R34 GT-R Z-tune kit.

This is the package the photo-etch set came in with everything neatly packed in the plastic bag

The product code is clearly labelled on the outer packing, EP0063 for the R34

On the other side of the packing, you can see the contents: one photo-etch sheet and a leaflet

At this point I would like to apologize for having a missing set of disc brakes on my sheet. It wasn’t delivered like that!! When I built the Fujimi Toyota Vitz I decided to use the smaller disc brakes on it (since I’ve used Tamiya R34 brakes on it!). The above picture shows you the missing photo-etch pieces attached to the brakes. You can see that they are also grooved, same as the bigger ones which are still attached

These are the actual contents you get inside the EP0063, one photo-etch sheet and a very detailed instruction leaflet

Here's the photo-etch sheet. Once again, I’m sorry for the missing brakes! They are exactly like the ones still present, just smaller! The ones that are still attached are for the Z-tune while the smaller, missing ones are for the V-Spec & V-Spec II

More info inside

Here’s also a closer look at the many pieces you get at the top part of the photo-etch sheet

Now here’s a look at the leaflet. As you can see, all parts are clearly labelled and marked where they need to be attached. The different parts between the Nissan & Nismo variants are also clearly referred to

This is a close-up of the top part of the leaflet showing the brakes, front bumper meshes, interior accessories and clear instructions to detail and airbrush the Nismo logo on the intercooler

The bottom part of the leaflet continues to clearly explain where the remaining parts location exactly is. Putting the wipers together might be a bit complicated, however you get all the steps clearly explained in case you want to try assembling them!

The brakes shown in the above review were also later used... this time on the Subaru BRZ! The Subaru received a big brake conversion using the extra Z-tune brakes you get with the Tamiya Nismo dress-up set. As you can see above, the photo-etched brake pieces were a perfect fit with the Tamiya plastic parts

Finally, you can see how great these grooved photo-etched brakes look through the Rays G25 rims fitted to the BRZ

Overall, this is a great photo-etch sheet from Crazy Modeler. I’m not sure if these are still being produced but a quick search revealed several sets still available for sale. Best of all, this set is filled with parts and still retails at better prices than most of Hobby Design’s recent photo-etch sets. The only thing I don't like are the one piece metal seat belts. Would have preferred getting resin pieces for the holders and a sheet of black cloth-like material, just like you get with most HD sets. But it's definitely recommended and if you’re planning on building an R34, get one of these while you still can!

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