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Aoshima Toyota Crown 'Athlete' GRS214

Completed: 2021


  • Kapci automotive 2K primer

  • Motip semi-gloss black, decanted and airbrushed

  • Crystal Purple no.51 (E7 Paints)

  • Kapci automotive 2K clear

Additional Parts:

  • Hobby Design HD02-0303 photo-etch set

  • Aoshima BBS-LM 20-inch rims
  • Photo-etch steering paddle shifters
  • HD photo-etch and custom seat belt buckles
  • Hobby Design HD04-0005 black Brembo decals
  • New Speaker grilles from Tamiya mesh
  • Antracite flocking added to interior floor and parcel shelf
  • T2M-2011-B2 black seat-belt cloth
  • Scale_Lab24 photo-etch seat belt accessories
  • New fog lamps built from a spare grille and clear parts
  • Scratch-built a front lip / spoiler to make the bumper sit lower
  • Added a new rear lip spoiler to the boot made from styrene
  • Custom air valves added to the rims
  • Antracite flocking added to the windows headliner
  • Sides added to sunroof to keep it partially open


  • Chassis cut and modified to align front wheels better
  • 2 sheets of styrene glued to chassis to make a 1.5mm extension
  • All brakes were corrected on the back side to make more realistic
  • 3 holes drilled to rear seat bottom part for the belt buckles
  • Hood defect corrected with styrene and glue
  • Original fog lamps cut out and removed

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