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JDM Display Bases

In May 2011, I subscribed to take part in a local Model Exhibition and felt the need to build new display bases to rest my model cars on while being on display. My plan was to create something different from the rest and since I only build Japanese cars, I wanted these to have that JDM look. So taking inspirations from the famous Daikoku Futo parking area in Japan, I constructed the three display bases seen below.

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First thing to do was to cut three MDF wood pieces to size, that is 30cm x 20cm

Then the edges were trimmed using a router and later stained in a dark brown colour

A close-up picture of the trim shape and stain colour I went for

From the inspirations, I drew these 3 layouts. These give an idea of how the bases should look once finished

After masking the routed edges, the designs were drawn from the papers to the wood surface

These are the materials I used: grass and tarmac flocking, strips of wood and pieces of plastic

The wood strips were cut to size and nailed in place together with the small plastic pieces

The wood strips and plastic pieces filled with wood filler to get the desired shape

Wood filler was then smoothed down and painted with a grey primer to highlight any surface defects

Next, the 2 walls were given a rough finsih and every part was painted and weathered accordingly

The brown sections above were covered with the Javis grass flocking attached with PVA glue

The Javis black tarmac was next, and this was again applied using PVA glue

Referring to the drawings, stencils were cut out to later draw the required shapes on masking tape

Here are all the 3 bases fully masked with tape and paper, ready to be airbrushed in white for the signage

They were airbrushed using an automotive white and here they are with all the masking tape removed

Finally, all the 3 display bases were covered with black felt-cloth contact paper on the underside

Lastly, here's the finished bases pictured with my 1:24 scale cars on them. First one is the Nismo Z-tune

Then it was the Fujimi Toyota Vitz's turn to have a go onto it's fresh new base!

And finally here's the Tamiya Nissan GT-R pictured on the simplest display base of all three!

These last pictures shows the bases together with the cars as displayed at the AME Model Exhibition 2011

Finally, I would like to thank my colleague Martin for his wood-working help and actual work during the early stages of construction!

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