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Ferrari 328 GTS

Here is how the Dodge Viper looked once I got it

The original Bburago Dodge Viper GTS interior full of dust

First thing to do was to remove the original Bburago blue spray. This was done using a paint remover. Next, the original front 'cross' grill was cut out and the surrounding area smoothed down. Then, the original front spoiler was smoothed with the front bumper using an automotive body filler

Once the front was ready, I started work on the rear by first making from scratch a new spoiler using stryene and then covering it in body filler to obtain a smooth surface with the rear panels. Then I smoothed out the fuel filler cap, the number plate housing and the indicators situated below the tail lights

Once happy with the exterior's new look, I applied a white undercoat to seal off the body filler

I have then sprayed it in a custom gold automotive colour, replaced the standard wheels with chrome ones, added a metal grill to the hood scoop and front bumper and tinted the front lights in black. Here is the Viper finished, as it stands in the cabinet now

I also added side windows made from a transparent plastic sheet since originally this didn't have any and using a medium-black tinted glass sheet I also added a sun-visor to the front windscreen and also applied it to the new side glasses and rear tailgate glass

Interior was also lightly customized by adding colour-coded dashboard fascia, speaker grills and door handles matching the exterior. The seats were made from scratch from a plastic sheet, then painted red on the outside an gold on the back

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