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Ferrari 328 GTS

Here's the Ferrari exactly as I bought it, second-hand from a fellow collector who had tried unsuccessfully to customize it himself

And here is the finished interior in cream and brown, readily assembled on the undercarriage to be fitted to the body once ready

Having the interior ready, next on the list was the engine. Original unit from Anson was not that bad and I only needed to add colour details to it to make it more realistic. So after taking ideas about the original 328 engine from various pictures I downloaded, I added as much detail as possible. Again, first image shows the original engine and the next shows the finished version

With that ready, it was time to start working on the body. This was a straight forward job since I had no modifications planned. So I first removed the white paint using a paint remover, then lightly sanded the body, washed off any excess material and after it fully dried I applied a layer of white primer. Below the body can be seen with all the procedures above done ready to be applied with the white primer

And here is the Ferrari finished in an original Fiat red colour. Whilst the spray was drying off, I also painted the rims in silver with yellow centres since original colour was damaged. Final touches were the addition of Ferrari badges all round, black stripe along the bodywork and new door mirrors made from plastic since original ones were missing. Finally I polished the body using a T-Cut brand rubbing compound

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