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Fitting Male Wheel adaptors

We all know that there are basically 2 most famous types of wheels and hubs; the male & female types. Usually this difference comes from the brand of kit we're using. But since we are very creative people, most times we use different rims on our builds!! The new rims may not have the same fitment type as the kit wheels thus requiring several modifications to fit in place. Luckily, newer rims like these Hobby Design Rays G25 below, have both female & male adaptors included to use as required. For this tutorial I shall be showing the procedure I follow to attach the male adaptors to the back of the rims. It may look straightforward, and in fact it is! But the adaptors need to be attached perfectly straight or else the wheels will wobble when turned and if the adaptor has an angle with the back rim surface, it will attach at an angle with the brakes and cause an unwanted camber

These are the wheels I shall work with, the Hobby Design Rays G25 which have both fitment types included

Since I'll be installing these rims on a Tamiya kit, the Subaru BRZ, I shall be attaching the male adaptors to the back of the rims. You can opt to simply glue the adaptors in the recessed slot at the middle, however chances are they'll attach at a slight, small angle. This will cause the wheel to attach at an angle with the hub/brakes and when turned it will also wobble in place

To be sure that I glue the male adaptor at a 90° angle with the rim, I first take a styrene piece that is bigger than the rim

Then, I place the rim on the styrene and while keeping it steady in place, I draw along the inner and outer circumference as seen above. Since this is a 2-piece rim, this step was easy to carry out. When using a single piece rim, I do exactly the same procedure but for the inner circumference, I mark several dots from between the spokes, then join the dots without the rim

Next step requires some maths to find the center of the circles you just made! So use your method and find the exact center. This is very important since you need to install the adaptor at the exact center point of the rim. Then, cut out the inner circle

Now, measure the diameter of the adaptor shaft and using a drill bit of the same width, drill a hole in the center of the styrene

The next step is to insert the adaptor inside the hole and if like mine your rim is a 2-piece, attach the parts of the rims together

Now place your glue on the top of the adaptor and insert the styrene all the way inside the wheel. The fact that the styrene is the same size as the inner circumference, and the hole is in the exact middle, the adaptor will attach at the correct angle

More info inside

Of course, give the glue the full required time since you want the best bond here. I always use super glue for these uses

Finally, when the glue fully hardens, insert two thin pins between the spokes of the rim and push the styrene out of the rim. It is important to use two items placed directly in line with each other to push the styrene out, as if you use just one item you'll be risking breaking the adaptor or the freshly dried glue! In my case, I used two toothpicks since the spokes have a large gap

I have used this same procedure on an older set of HD rims too, the 18" Advan RG-II seen above

Here's a look at the back side of these wheels, where you only get a flat surface. No male or female adaptors were included

Since there were no adaptors included, I used the Hobby Design set seen above dedicated to convert wheels to male fitment

Above are the adaptors fitted to the Advan rims in the same procedure described here, converting them to male fitment

And the same procedure was also performed on a set of Aoshima Work Emotion CR Kai, once again using the HD adaptors

Inspecting the picture before makes you question yourself about the original fitment of these CR Kai rims! They were originally female fitment, typical Aoshima, however I used the modified tool above to slowly sand off all the extra material off the back to convert them to male fitment and fit onto Tamiya brakes. Infact, from the picture above, the first rim on the left shows you how they originally were, the middle one shows you the sanded part while the third is also sanded and with the adaptor in place

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I really hope you find this tutorial interesting if you're transforming a set of rims into male fitment. The main scope is to show how you can fit the male adaptors at a 90° angle with the rim, hence avoid any unwanted camber or a wobbling wheel. As always, thanks for watching and enjoy modelling!


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