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Hobby Design HD02-0201 Subaru BRZ Photo-Etch set for Tamiya

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This is the HD02-0201 package, with the photo-etch sets neatly packed in a bag and stapled with the paper board packing

These are the contents. 3 photo-etch sheets and a detailed instruction leaflet. Every photo-etch sheet is wrapped in plastic

Here's the main photo-etch sheet which contain various parts including disc brakes, seat belts, engine bay pieces, interior items & more. From this sheet I have utilized many parts, almost all of them in fact, and had no problem with their fit. Some interior pieces may be tricky to fit perfectly in place but nothing major. I didn't use the dash pieces as I preferred covering the fascia with carbon decal. The radiator fans were also not utilized since I painted the original ones. Wipers are a bit tricky and call for a certain amount of patience to assemble correctly. I really liked the seat belt buckles as once assembled and painted, they look more realistic than the resin ones supplied in other Hobby Design photo-etch sets

This is the second photo-etch sheet. It contains the dash and round speaker grills, a mesh that attaches next to the front wipers, 2 fender fins and radiator parts. I have utilized everything here, except for the radiator ones. I couldn't quite figure out how to fit properly item no.9 as you have to first smooth down the vertical lines of the original radiator, then fit the photo-etch piece in its middle part. This was however wider than the middle part, so finally I decided to spray and detail the original item

The third photo-etch sheet contains several pieces that you need to assemble together to form the front bumper middle part grill. To be honest, I think the original one looks good, so I decided not to assemble this and use the original Tamiya one. There are also two license plates, but since I prefer fitting Japanese license plates to my cars, I ended up not using these either

This is the assembly leaflet included with the set. It explains well where every part needs to be attached and I had no problems following it. Below are two close-up pictures of this instruction sheet to help you understand exactly what parts are included

This set was purchased for around 11 Euros, shipping excluded, which may not be cheap compared to other sets. However, considering the amount of parts included I think it's worth including this set in your Tamiya Subaru BRZ build. The Hobby Design photo-etch material is very thin compared to other brands and this makes it more easy to bend to the correct shape of the respective part. I also like the fact that every sheet of photo-etch is wrapped inside a plastic shrink. I find this helpful when cutting a particular piece out, since once you cut off the holding parts, the piece stays attached in place and won't fly away in the most hidden place of your hobby room! This is especially important for the smaller, easilly gone missing pieces!!

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