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Hobby Design HD03-0291 Rays G25 rim set

This is the Hobby Design box the rims arrived in. It has the usual printed label on top showing what the contents are

There is also another label on one of the sides of the box, however there is no mention about the actual size of the rims

There are actually 2 bags included; one having the rims & adaptors while the other has 4 metal air valves

There are actually 2 bags included; one having the rims & adaptors while the other has 4 metal air valves

Here's a look at the rims. As you can see above, these G25s come in 2-piece and if you're planning on making the outer lip a different colour than the middle part, this make it much easier for you. There are also 2 types of adaptors included, male and female. This is great as you can fit these rims on most Tamiya, Fujimi or Aoshima kits without buying or using additional parts

This is a closer look at the outer part of the rims which are nicely molded and only had the flash pieces seen on the back side to remove. A strange thing was that all 4 pieces are marked 'R', but this doesn't affect anything and are very easily removed too

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Now, let's take a look at the middle section of the rim! Once again, they are well molded with little flash pieces on the spokes to remove. Just be super careful as these spokes are extremely fragile and can easily break during cleaning. The rear part is also well molded and it's great seeing that Hobby Design are making it easier for us to fit these rims, compared to their older rims. If you're fitting these on most Tamiya or Hasegawa kits, you'll just need to attach the male adaptor to the centre part. If on the other hand you're using them on a Fujimi or Aoshima kit, you'll just attach the female adaptor to the outer part. Very clever HD!

Here's a closer look at the flash pieces you'll have to clean carefully. One thing noted during examination was that 2 bolts on each rim were slightly smaller than the other 3! This may not be a big problem if you're planning on painting the bolts a different colour with a drop of paint using a toothpick! However, if you just spray the spokes in a lighter colour and leave the bolts in the same colour, these now become noticeable. This looks like a defect coming from the mould since it was noted on all 4 rims. Don't forget to be extra careful while removing that big chunk of resin attached to each rim as once again I stress out... these are super fragile! It took me a lot of time to carefully clean them patiently and I'm still surprised I didn't break any of them!

These are the male and female adaptors included. Both sets are molded together with a chunk of resin, but it's not difficult to separate. Once again, pay extra attention while cutting to be sure not to break anything, especially if using the male adaptors

These are the 4 metal air valves also included with this set. They are very nice and will make the rims more realistic

Finally, here's the exact diameter of the outer part of the rims, equivalent to around 18 inch. Don't know why HD doesn't mention this on the 2 labels attached on the box. This is usually shown as it's important to know what size the rims actually are!

I had bought mine for around 9 Euros. Compared to the Aoshima/Fujimi tire & rim sets, they are quite pricey for a set of tires only. But hey, I believe that they look better than all the tires presented to us by those companies so far, so that justifies paying more!

Here are the finished rims and ready to be attached to the BRZ. The outer lips were airbrushed in gloss black while the middle sections were airbrushed in matt black with the air valves attached. The bolts were painted in titanium silver and the decals in the middle are STI decals from the Tamiya kit. Tires used above are 18 inch Bridgestone Potenza from Fujimi. The problem about the 2 bolts I mentioned earlier can't be noted above since I painted the bolts with a drop of paint using a toothpick

Finally, here are the HD G25 rims attached to the Subaru BRZ using the male adaptors included with the rim set

Overall, I love the look these rims gave to my BRZ and their biggest advantage is that due to their shape, your brakes will show perfectly through! If like me, you have invested in a big brake conversion, I'm sure you'd want these to show through the rims. I bought mine locally for around 10 Euros, which makes it more expensive than the Aoshima / Fujimi wheels considering there are no tires included. But to compensate for the tires, there are the lovely metal air valves and male / female adaptors! One thing I would have been happier to find included, was a set of RAYS decals to attach to the middle part, just like the real rims. But other than that, I like these wheels and don't regret buying, cleaning, airbrushing and finally using them on my BRZ!

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