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Mitsubishi Evo 6.5 Detail-Up Kit

This detail set was released by Hobby Design to upgrade the Tamiya Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI kit into an Evolution 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition. Here's a list of all the parts you get inside the box.

  • 4 rims
  • 4 male adaptors
  • 4 metal air valves
  • Front Bumper
  • Seat belt material
  • Seat belt buckles
  • Photo-etch sheet
  • Decal sheet
  • 1 leaflet

This is the box in which this nice detail-up set comes. Hobby Design code is HD03-0322

Inside the box everything is neatly packed inside bags and bubble wrap

Here are all the parts taken out of the box

Let's begin looking closely at the parts. Here are the rims, which are nicely casted and very detailed. They are very similar to the Enkei rims fitted to the real 6.5!

These just require some cleaning around the spokes and at the rear part too, but nothing major. You also get the male adaptors so that they can fit directly to the Tamiya disc brakes and 4 metal air valves, where you'll need to carefully drill the holes for them

Now let's look at the front bumper. This is molded very well and requires very minimal cleaning. You will need to remove that vertical support in the middle of the front grille

Here's a look at the back side. Once again, very clean molding. Having just spent countless hours cleaning up the nasty Honda Civic FD2 resin body by ZoomOn, I'm very impressed at how good this is! The round vent has a very thin layer of resin on the back, which can be easilly removed

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This is a close-up of the side vent, just so you'll see how crisp the details are on the front bumper and the minimal sanding required. Good job HD!

The only thing you'll need to cut out and remove, is that chunk of resin beneath the right edge, seen above. Not a major thing to do since it's also marked where you'll need to cut. Details inside the bumper are all there too, look at the hook on the left side!

This is the photo-etch sheet you get included, featuring various items to make your Evolution much, much more detailed!

Let's have a look at the decal sheet. It has the protection layer you get with all decals sheets bought separately

With that removed, you can see all the necessary decals you get to turn your 6, into a 6.5!

Last but not least, you get 5 resin seat belt buckles and also a small sheet of black felt-like material for the actual seat belts which you'll need to cut in strips yourself

Finally, you get a colour leaflet which explains where all the bits and pieces need to be attached, including all the items present on the photo-etch sheet

Overall this is a nice upgrade kit from Hobby Design with many parts included. If you want to add more detail to the already great Lancer Evolution VI kit by Tamiya, this set might be for you. There are many upgrade parts included, both for the outside and inside and you'll be turning your project Evolution from a 6, to a 6 and a half!

My Evolution VI kit is already built so I couldn't test out the fitment of certain parts on the Tamiya body, especially that front bumper. However I'm assuming that some fitting might be required due to resin shrinkage. This kit sells for around 21 to 25 Euros, which is not a bad price considering the amount of detailed resin and photo-etch parts you get.

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