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Hobby Design 18" Yokohama Advan AD08 Tires

Let's have a closer look at these 18" Tires from Hobby Design bearing the code HD03-0333. I had been seeing people using HD tires for ages and always liked their look on a finished model. So when the time came to build the NSX NA1, I got myself a set too!

This is the pack these tires come in, neatly packed in the usual HD 2-bag system

Taken out of the bag, let's first have a closer look at the thread. This is something I really like as they are quite realistic and don't have the mold mark in the middle like standard kit tires have. Another great thing about these tires is that they are molded differently in pairs. This means that they can be mounted as L and R with the thread always facing well

This is the outside wall of these tires. There are no markings whatsoever: no brand name, no tire-size lettering.. nothing! However the tire height is just about the right size!

Here's another preview of the thread design... well, I love that! Material is soft rubber which feels great and I think it's even slightly softer than the original tires we get with kits

Do you remember earlier I mentioned there are no mold marks in the middle of the thread? Well, that's because they are here, on the back! 4 chunky marks to be exact!

These did take some time to properly remove. I first cut them off as neatly as possible using a nippers, then carefully sanded off any excess pieces. Can be a bit tricky due to the soft surface, but with some patience it's doable. Mine are not perfect, but just about right!

More info inside

Seen above is one of the tires mounted on an Aoshima 18" rim. To me, they look perfect and the tire height is the right size for a set of 18" tires

Finally, this is the width of each tire in case you want to know if it fits your rim's width

Let's finish off with some pictures of the NSX wearing these lovely Advan tires

In my opinion, they gave the NSX the appropriate look I was looking for and filled her arches beautifully

From the back looking at this angle, their nice thread could be well admired. Perfect for exhibitions!

Overall, I love these tires. They are molded nicely, are wide enough to cover most rims entirely and gave the NSX the exact look and size I was looking for. Their biggest downside are those ugly mold chunks on the back, but they can be removed entirely with some patience and in the end, they are not visible on the back!

I had bought mine for around 9 Euros. Compared to the Aoshima/Fujimi tire & rim sets, they are quite pricey for a set of tires only. But hey, I believe that they look better than all the tires presented to us by those companies so far, so that justifies paying more!

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