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Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition Detail-Up Set

This detail set was released by Hobby Design in 2011 to upgrade the Tamiya Lexus LFA kit into a Nurburgring Edition. It’s not easily found in stock nowadays, but a quick search around the net yielded a couple available sets, so you may still be in time to get yours!

Inside the box, you will find:

  • 4 rims
  • 4 male adaptors
  • Rear spoiler
  • 2 front canards
  • Front lip
  • 2 seats
  • 4 metal tire valves
  • 1 leaflet

This is the box in which this nice detail-up set comes. Hobby Design code is HD03-0140

Inside the box everything is neatly packed inside bags and bubble wrap

Here are all the parts taken out of the box

Let's begin looking closely at the parts. Here are the rims, which are nicely casted and very detailed. They are identical to the real rims too. Only missing item is the decal for the Lexus logo of the center cap

They require some cleaning around the spokes, especially on the back side. Some cleaning is required at the rear part too, but nothing major. Attention should be taken while cleaning the spokes as these are thin and fragile

Rear rims are wider than the fronts, as can be noted above. Width of rear ones is 14mm while the fronts measure 12mm. Diameter of all 4 rims is 22mm

The male adaptors are also well casted and require no cleaning at the front part. Care should be taken when cutting them off the mould as they may easily break. Once cut out, you may refer to my other tutorial (Fitting Male Wheel Adaptors) to attach these perfectly in place

Now, the rear spoiler! This only requires minimal cleaning before applying primer. On the bottom part, it has some mold marks which can be easily removed

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One also needs to remove that block of resin at the back carefully to avoid damage

Here's another look at the front part of the spoiler

The canards are fragile, so extra care should be taken when removing those extra pieces

This is the front lip and it's well casted with no warping or defects noted

Lots of molding blocks present here, but again nothing major. There is a big block of resin at the bottom of the lip together with more extra material on each side. But it shouldn’t be a big thing cutting all those out and carefully cleaning the remaining pieces

The seats are nicely detailed, both on the front and back! The design is not 100% like the originals, but quite close! Also the real seats have a small Recaro logo in the middle, and on these its missing; but this is not a big deal since it’s barely noticeable on the real ones

Only cleaning required is around the upper harness holes, while the bottom side holes need opening. I could notice that one seat had several mold marks, while the other had an extra resin block at the bottom, but these are easily taken care of

Well, what can you say about some lovely metal valves, these are beautiful! Just drill the necessary holes on the rims, and attach those beauties!

This is not exactly an installation manual, just some pictures showing a real LFA Nurburgring Edition. However all parts are straight forward and don’t exactly require instructions!

Overall this is a nice set with many parts included. If you want to beef up the already amazing looking LFA and turn it into the Nurburgring edition, this would be a nice addition for you. I don't have the Tamiya LFA kit yet, so I couldn't test fit the parts and comment about that.

I had bought mine for 140 HKD, equivalent to around 18 Euros. This is quite a great price considering the amount of detailed resin and metal parts you get.

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I am right now building the Tamiya Lexus LFA and utilizing this transkit. You can see the full work in progress of the LFA, including more information about how this transkit fits exactly, by clicking here or the image below.


Building the Tamiya Lexus LFA

Gallery: Completed Toyota 86

Tutorial: Fitting Male Adaptors

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