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Fujimi Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII

Completed: 2015


  • Kapci 2K automotive primer

  • ZP Mitsubishi Y01 Dandelion Yellow
  • Kapci 2K automotive clear


  • Hobby Design HD02-0251 photo-etch set

  • Modified under body and suspensions to lower the Evo by almost 4mm
  • One-piece differential and drive shaft cut out and replaced with more realistic parts
  • New exhaust muffler, scratch-built from 2 different thickness of aluminium rods
  • Crazy Modeler Brembo decals on all 4 calipers and Enkei decals on quarter windows
  • Back of front seats filled with putty and styrene and harness holes opened
  • New b-pillars added to the interior tub for the front seat belts mounting points
  • Interior floor and parcel shelf covered with charcoal grey flocking
  • Scratch-built front, side and rear lips made from different thickness of styrene
  • Hobby Design HD04-0008 carbon fiber decal used on hood vent, lips and spoilers
  • Custom 0.4mm air valve attached to each Enkei rim

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Building the Fujimi Evo VII

Completed Tamiya Evo VI

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