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Tamiya Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI


  • Plasti-Kote primer

  • Metallic Purple Nail Polish mixed with Electric Blue Pearl
  • Plasti-Kote clear


  • Body lowered 2mm on wheels

  • Light-black tinted tape applied to rear windows

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Tamiya Box. Kit No. 213

Pieces provided inside box

For the Evolution I decided to start working on the body and here it is primered in Plasti-Kote white primer

Then I air-brushed a metallic purple nail polish color which I mixed with an electric blue pearl powder

Then it was sprayed with Plasti-Kote's Clear Super

Next up was the undercarriage. Here it is sprayed with Plasti-Kote white primer

After applying the colour, I modified the disc brakes, hubs and rims so that I could lower the Evo by 2mm

It was then assembly time, so here's the finished undercarriage

Finally, I made a quick mock up of the body over the undercarriage to see the lowering achieved

Here's the finished Evolution interior, which was the first fully airbrushed for me!

Then I attached the OZ decals to the rims, clear-coated them and finally painted the nuts in blue

Finally I assembled the rims, interior, radiator and intercooler to the undercarriage

Then I masked the window frames and roof railings which I then painted in semi-gloss black

Once the semi-gloss black was dry, I removed the masking tape and then polished and waxed the body

Finally I masked the window trims, applied semi-gloss black and added light-black tinted tape to the rear windows

All that remained at this stage, was to fully assemble the Evo VI. So here is the finished Lancer onto the garage diorama

For the complete set of finished pictures, head over to the Gallery section, or click here to be directed!

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