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Welcome to 'My Works'

This section is dedicated to other projects I do. Obviously, other than 1/24 scale cars! During these builds, I take as much pictures as possible, while on the website I try to add all the necessary information about the steps taken. This will help anyone interested in doing a similar project, so feel free to click the pictures below to see the whole build of that respective project.

More info inside

Our local club Annual Exhibition - A collection of pictures showing what was exhibited on the Cars Section table

AutoArt Nismo R34 Z-tune - This beast needed a full respray due to damaged spray. So it was time for a different project!

Garage Facade Diorama - scratch-built to be used for finished 1/24 scale cars image backgrounds

JDM Display Bases - scratch-built to be used as display bases for model exhibitions for 1/24 scale cars

Japan-themed PC Tower - a custom airbrushed PC Tower Case with a Japanese theme all round!

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