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Tamiya Nismo Dress-Up Parts Set, Item 12608

This parts set is compatible with these Tamiya kits: 1/24 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec (R34), 1/24 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II (R34) and 1/24 Nismo R34 GT-R Z-tune. It includes the following parts:

  • Pair of side-skirts
  • Set of brake discs
  • Nismo steering wheel
  • Differential oil cooler
  • Muffler End
  • Rear damper adjustment dials
  • Set of Nismo rims
  • Decal sheet
  • Instructions leaflet
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All the plastic pieces in this Parts Set are of very high quality, typically Tamiya. Every part is perfectly molded and not even a single mold line could be noted on all of the pieces. You just need to cut out the required part, sand off any excess sprue material and you're ready for undercoat!

All of the 4 rims are identical, with a diameter of almost 21mm and a width of around 13mm. The front brakes measure 16mm and are labelled on the back with L and R. The rear brakes measure 15mm and are the same, so they are not labelled

This is the same parts tree G pictured from the back. All 4 brakes would need some sanding and filling here to fill those pin holes. They will not be visible, but once the model is lifted and inspected closely, these marks may become visible. If you're planning on using photo-etch disc brakes, you would need any set that is intended for the Tamiya Z-tune R34 Nismo kit

Here are the side-skirts. Once again, these are perfectly molded with no mold marks to remove

These are the instruction manual and the decal sheet, which is neatly packed in a sealed plastic bag

The instruction manual is a double-sided single sheet that clearly explains where all the parts need to be attached on your Skyline R34, including the decals. Sections of the diagrams are actually taken from the original Tamiya R34 instruction manual with the new detail parts added to them. The colours to spray or paint the new parts are also well shown and although no reference is made as to what the Tamiya paint code colour actually is, this can be found in the manual of the R34 kits

The decal sheet is well protected inside a plastic bag and also wrapped inside a paper pack. The location of each decal is explained in the parts set instruction manual. Honestly, I really like this decal sheet as it contains several Nissan and Nismo decals which may come handy for any other related build. I've used some decals from this sheet on different cars and had no trouble with their adhesion to the surface. Some decals were also clear coated without any problems

From this set, I have so far used the steering wheel and rims on my red Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R, seen below

I have also used the disc brakes on a non-Nissan build! These were installed on my Tamiya Subaru BRZ

The final question is, does everything fit perfectly on the R34 Skyline kit? I have not yet used this kit for it's real purpose so I can't say exactly if every part fits perfectly, but judging by its quality and the fact its made by Tamiya for one of their own kit, I have no doubt believing that every part fits where its intended. I have also bought mine for 480 Yen, around 3.90 Euros, which is a real steal considering the amount of parts included in this set... I can't believe Tamiya even makes a profit out of this set!!

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