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Tamiya Nismo R34 GT-R Z-tune


  • Plasti-Kote primer

  • Tamiya TS-17 Aluminium Silver
  • Tamiya TS-13 clear


  • Tamiya photo-etch parts set

  • Charcoal grey flocking applied to parcel shelf
  • Fujimi Japanese tax disc on front windscreen and parking sticker on rear screen
  • Aoshima Japanese license plates

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Tamiya Box. Kit No: 282

Parts provided inside box

Photo-etched parts set I used. Item No: 12604

I started with the undercarriage. Here it is finished. Colour is Tamiya TS-17 Aluminium Silver

Next job was the interior. Rear shelf was flocked in grey while Nismo carpets in the Tamiya Parts Set were used for the floor

Windows were then masked using the templates provided and then painted with semi-gloss black

Body was then assembled and primered using Plasti-Kote white primer

Body was then sprayed in Tamiya TS-17 and PlastiKote clear and then assembled. Here's the finished Z-tune

Although above I have referred to this project as 'finished', I was not satisfied with the overall result of it. Paint came out too thick and thus it was difficult to paint the panel lines. Also, some of the decals were missing due to mistakes done during the build, so after geting hold of another original set of Tamiya Z-tune decals and metal transfers, I decided to spray it once again. Here's the progress of the re-build.

First thing to do was to take the R34 apart and separate the parts that needed to be re-sprayed

All these parts were then inserted into brake fluid for a whole week to take off the old spray

After that, I removed all the silver paint and sanded the body down to a smooth finish ready for primer

Body, side mirrors and rear spoiler were sprayed in Plasti-Kote white primer

Then I applied the Tamiya TS-17 Gloss Aluminium. followed by Tamiya TS-13 clear

Then I masked the window trims and the front bumper's lip to be painted in semi-gloss black

Finally, every body part was polished and waxed to acquire the shine seen above

All disc brakes were then attached at a higher position to lower the R34 while the interior was left as it originally was

Finally, everything was assembled back together and the Z-tune called finished once again!

For the complete set of finished pictures, head over to the Gallery section, or click here to be directed!

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