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Tamiya Nissan GT-R (R35)


  • Kapci 2K primer, PPG Nissan White Pearl and Kapci 2K clear


  • Tamiya Nissan GT-R Photo-Etched Parts Set

  • Lowered the body by 1mm, both on front and rear
  • Scratch-built from styrene a 1mm front lip and side lips
  • Scale Motorsport CF decal added to front & rear bumpers, side-skirts, side mirrors and hood vents
  • Self printed Mine's, Bridgestone and Tein decals and engine water cap stickers
  • Scratch-built interior B-pillars to mount the seat belts onto
  • Aber photo-etch fasteners used for front and rear seat belts
  • Charcoal Grey flocking applied to parcel shelf, interior floor and front door cards
  • Aoshima Japanese front and rear license plates
  • Fujimi decals for Japanese tax disc and parking sticker

Offers inside

Tamiya Box

Pieces provided inside box

The Tamiya photo-etch parts set I shall be using

First thing I did was to temporarily assemble all the chassis, suspension and wheel pieces together to check the original ride height. From this, I noted that a 1mm drop shall be enough to lower the GT-R

So I added 1mm styrene spacers to achieve this, as seen above in blue and yellow. I also had to modify the inserts of the front and rear wheel arches because of the new position of the wheels

Then I assembled everything back and this is the new ride height! All wheels still rotate freely too!

I then airbrushed a layer of Kapci 2K primer to the undercarriage and all of its pieces

After airbrushing the exhaust, I once again masked the undercarriage, this time for the semi-gloss black of the panels. The brakes are finished with metallic gold calipers, Brembo decals and photo-etched discs

And here's all the undercarriage parts and pieces in their respective color, ready for final assembly

Finally, here's the finished undercarriage

Suspensions are sprayed green since I lowered the GT-R and thus wanted them to have the TEIN look!

With the undercarriage finished, I started working on the body. First thing to do was to sand down all the mold lines, deepen the panel lines using a scriber and then apply some coats of Kapci 2K light grey primer

With all the chassis and interior parts cleaned from mold lines and prepared, it was time to airbrush some layers of primer. For this, I Then I sprayed the middle section of the front bumper in Nissan gun-metallic grey and also added a small lip beneath the front bumper and side-skirts (seen above in white) from 1mm styreneautomotive 2K grey primer

Finally I sprayed every body component in the PPG ivory pearl followed by a mist coat of Kapci 2K clear

After that the body was then masked so that I could airbrush the gloss and semi-gloss black

The A-pillars were airbrushed in gloss black while the body-kit and hood vents were sprayed in semi-gloss black. The decals I'm going to use are also pictured: Carbon fibre by Scale Motorsport and custom printed manufacturer decals

And the decals all attached. I placed Mine's decals on the front fenders, Tein decals above the side-skirts and applied carbon decal to the whole body-kit, hood vents, side mirrors and front bumper middle part

Then all the body pieces were again airbrushed in Kapci 2K clear. Once dry, these were smoothed using the micro-mesh polishing cloths and finally polished using a polishing compound, achieving the shine seen above

With the body also finished, next job was the interior. First thing to be done was to open the front seats harness access holes. Seen below is the modified seat on the left with the standard one on the right

Then I made two new B-pillars from styrene to attach the seats belts onto, seen above in white

I then airbrushed several layers of 2K primer to all the interior and rims parts

All the interior pieces were then airbrushed in semi-gloss black, while the rims were airbrushed in gun-metal grey

The front seats were then masked for the red trim and flat-black centre while the interior, dash and engine are seen masked for the aluminium colour. The radiator will also be airbrushed in aluminium

Last details added were the Aber photo-etch seat belt fasteners together with black seat belt material

I also added 4 seat belt receptacles, two next to the front seats and two on the sides of the rear seat

It was then time to do the window trims, so I first masked these and then airbrushed the semi-gloss black

Then I turned my attention to the engine. After adding black details to the air box, I made a yellow dipstick from a small metal rod and printed decals to place onto the water coolant photo-etched covers

Suspension top mounts were painted green and their bolts painted gold to replicate TEIN suspension units. Every part was then assembled in place and here's the all finished engine and engine bay

Next to do were the windows, so I masked these using the kit's masks and painted in semi-gloss blackNext to do were the windows, so I masked these using the kit's masks and painted in semi-gloss black

The finished wheels: first airbrushed in Nissan gun-metallic, decals applied and finally coated in 2K clear

Before beginning to assemble the body, I decided to take some close-up pictures of all the parts and pieces I have applied carbon fibre decal to. The decal used is the Twill Weave by Scale Motorsport

And finally here's the all finished GT-R. Pictures are taken onto the JDM Garage diorama. Enjoy!

For the complete set of finished pictures, head over to the Gallery section, or click here to be directed!

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