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Disclaimer: The reviews below represent my own opinion about that particular product I'm reviewing and this section is intended to help other modellers interested in buying the same product. I'm doing my best to take good pictures of the product's contents and describe the parts quality. Please understand that the quality of certain parts may vary, even if they are the same product. This is especially true for resin items. So if I show a certain defect in my parts, like for example air bubbles, this will not necessarily mean your product will be the same. Click on the pictures below to open the full review of that particular product.

Are you a manufacturer of scale model parts and would like your products reviewed by us and shown on this page? This is all possible now, so get in touch with us and let your products be seen worldwide. Contact us by email on [email protected] and we'll forward you all the details. Best of all, this is done free of charge! Yeah, that's right, no charges to you!  

ScaleLab_24 Photo-etch set for Toyota GR Supra

Hobby Design Photo-etch set for Tamiya Lexus LFA

Scale Model Works Exhausts

ZoomOn Spoon Sports Honda Civic FD2 full kit (Latest ver.)

Hobby Design Mitsubishi Evo 6.5 Detail-Up Kit

Hobby Design Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition Detail-up Parts Set

Hobby Design 18" Yokohama Advan AD08 Tires

Crazy Modeler EP0063 Tamiya R34 photo-etch set

ZoomOn Enkei 16" Racing Wheels Set

ZoomOn Spoon 16" Wheels Set 

Aoshima 16" Volk Racing TE37 (Gravel)

Aoshima Buddy Club P1 Racing Wheels

Aoshima Gram Lights 57Xtreme Wheels

Hobby Design Rays G25 18" rims

ZoomOn Toyota Supra TRD Boot Spoiler

Hobby Design Photo-etch set for Tamiya Subaru BRZ

Hobby Design Air Intake Kits

Tamiya Nismo Dress-Up Parts Set

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