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ScaleLab_24 Photo-Etch Set for Tamiya Toyota GR Supra no.24351

When Tamiya released the new Toyota GR Supra kit (item# 24351), ScaleLab_24 immediately started working on producing a detailed photo-etch set for this kit. And this one being showed below, is exactly it!

More info inside

This is the package the photo-etch set came in, with everything neatly packed in the plastic bag. ScaleLab_24 code is SL02-022

On the back of the pack, you will find a list of all the parts included with this set and their corresponding number, to guide you where every part belongs to

This is what you'll find inside. 2 sheets of photo-etch and also a black ribbon for the seat belts (not pictured)

Quality is very good and material is very thin, making it easy to cut off, clean and attach in place

Let's have a closer look at the first photo-etch sheet, which includes several different items ranging from the license plates to interior details!

The upper part features 4 different sets of license plates ranging from Toyota GR Supra detailed to plain ones. Also included is a more realistic steering shift pedals

Bottom part features more items ranging from various Toyota badges to speaker grills, seat belt accessories, foot pedals and more!

Now let's have a closer look at the second photo-etch sheet, seen above

Main items on this sheet are the four disc brakes and various grills

Finally from what I see, this is a great photo-etch set from ScaleLab_24 which I’m sure will make the already detailed new GR Supra even more detailed! I don't own the Tamiya GR Supra kit yet, so I can't cut the parts loose and test them directly. However, considering the scans were made from the kit's sprues directly and from the great quality of the parts, I don't think you'll encounter problems fitting the items to the Tamiya Toyota GR Supra kit. 

You can contact ScaleLab_24 on their facebook page here for more information.

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