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Scale Model Works Exhausts

These exhausts are a new venture from Scale Model Works and I was offered the opportunity to have a closer look at them. I was immediately interested since standard kit exhausts may look unrealistic finished in plastic, with metal ones being the best option.

SMW are offering exhausts that are made from 304 stainless steel, with the best thing being that these are machined from a single SS tube. This means that these exhausts does not consist of different diameter rods inserted into each other, these are solid! And that's great, because that makes them even more realistic. These are delivered with a satin finish, as can be seen in the pictures below. However you can easily polish them into a chrome finish using the procedure I described into my "Custom Exhaust Tips" tutorial.

Exhausts came packed inside this bag that has bubble wrap inside for extra protection

The 4 exhausts received: Invidia, HKS, Tanabe and Greddy. When you order them, you'll actually get 2 of each inside the bag. Let's have a closer look at them

I shall begin with my favourite; the Invidia, which has a chamfer edge on the front

Let's begin with the measurements. Overall, it's 1.8cm long, with the front part being 0.6cm and the body 1.2cm long.

As one can see above, this is very nicely machined from a single piece of stainless steel

These are the diameters of the Invidia: Front part has a diameter of 4.5mm while the body is 6mm. Also, front hole is 3.8mm while back is 3.6mm. This means you can modify the standard exhaust piping into a wider one and fit it straight inside the back part

Now, this is see how this looks beneath a Fujimi Integra. To me, that chamfer finish looks great beneath the Honda bumper.. super cool!

Now let's have a closer look at the Greddy one

Measurements are similar to the Invidia: 1.8cm long with a 0.6cm front part, 1cm body and 0.2cm back part. Once again, this is machined from a single stainless steel tube, which makes it more realistic than having 2 different diameter tubes inserted into each other

Diameters are as follows: Front and rear part are 4.5mm while body is 6mm wide. Front hole is 3.8mm while back one is 3.7mm

Finally, here's the Greddy sitting beneath the Integra bumper

More info inside

Let's now have a look at the Tanabe, which is similar to the Greddy but this one has a longer body and a chamfer front edge

Dimensions for the Tanabe are; 2cm long with a 0.4cm front, 1.45cm body and 0.15cm back. The front part is also a chamfer, just like the Invidia one

Above is a closer look at the front and back side so that you can appreciate better the shape. Diameters are; 4.5mm front, 6mm body and 4.6mm back while hole diameters are 3.8mm for the front and 3.7mm for the back

Let's end the Tanable preview with a couple shots of it sitting beneath the Integra too

Let's now take a closer look at the final exhaust, the HKS!

The dimensions: 2cm long with a 0.4cm front, 1.45cm body and a 0.15cm back

Also, the diameters: Front and back are at 4.5mm while the body is 6mm. Front hole is 3.8mm while the back is 3.7mm

To end with, here's how the HKS looks underneath the Integra too.. amazing!

These exhausts can be bought by contacting Scale Model Works on their facebook page. You can click on the picture below where you'll be forwarded directly.

Prices vary between 5.00 to 6.00 Euros per pair, worldwide shipping included. I must say that is quite a great price considering the quality and material of these exhausts.

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