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Fujimi Spoon Sports Civic Type-R EK9

Completed: 2017 


  • Kapci 2K automotive primer

  • Honda NH-0 Championship white
  • Kapci 2K clear


  • Aoshima stance disc brakes from their 86 kit

  • Brakes modified to fit straight and front calipers filled with putty
  • Photo-etched disc brakes taken from the Hobby Design HD02-0221
  • Aoshima Buddy Club P.1 Racing 16 inch wheels
  • Buddy Club rims converted from 4-stud to 5-stud to comply with the real EK9
  • Inner and wheel arches sanded to allow the wheels to sit higher inside the body
  • ZoomOn stainless steel silencer and modified exhaust pipe
  • Front seats angle adjusted, back side filled with putty and styrene + holes drilled
  • New styrene B and C pillars added to the interior tub
  • Charcoal grey and red flocking added to interior parcel shelf and floor respectively
  • Hobby Design Spoon decals throughout from the HD04-0075 decal sheet
  • Hobby Design front and rear seat belt accessories (resin and photo-etch)
  • Custom 0.4mm air valves added to the Buddy Club rims
  • Front grill and bumper one-piece mesh cut out and replaced with Tamiya mesh 

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Finally, I would like to display a fantastic picture of the EK9 taken by our club president Ramon. Thanks!

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