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Aoshima Toyota 86

Paints: Kapci 2K primer, ZP Toyota H8R Orange and Kapci 2K clear


  • Hobby Design HD02-0221 photo-etch set

  • Aoshima FA20 engine parts tree (13-1616)
  • Modified side mirrors and roof antenna mounting points
  • Aoshima GramLights 57Xtreme 18inch rims
  • Tuner Model Manufactory T2M-1057 rims air valves
  • Fujimi Bridgestone Potenza RE711 18inch tires
  • Grey flocking applied to interior floor, parcel shelf & luggage boot compartment
  • Hobby Design HD04-0008 carbon fiber decal used on dashboard fascia
  • Custom Japanese license plates from the Aoshima Detail Parts decals
  • Additional decals, ABS lines, oil dipstick, cables and hoses added to engine bay
  • Custom front and side lips made from different thickness of styrene

Offers inside

Aoshima Box. Kit: The Best Car GT No. 100

Pieces provided inside box

This is the Hobby Design (HD02-0221) photo-etch set I'm going to use

This particular kit comes without an engine, however I managed to purchase separately the Aoshima FA20 engine parts tree (Tree Q 13-1616) that is included with the newer Toyota 86 kit

First thing to do was to sand down all the mold lines. Then, I added 0.4mm pins behind the side mirrors and roof antenna to attach easier once completed. In the body, I also drilled 0.4mm holes for them

Then, all the undercarriage and engine parts were cleaned and airbrushed in 2K Primer

All the chassis and engine pieces that needed to be in body colour were then airbrushed in the chosen colour: the Toyota H8R Orange, which is an original Toyota 86 colour. This was followed by 2K clear

The chassis, brake booster and radiator were then masked. The sump guard plate was airbrushed in gloss black and masked while the exhaust and brakes were airbrushed in Alclad chrome

Then, satin black was airbrushed. After drying, the chassis, differential and guard were again masked

The final colours were added to all remaining parts and here's every chassis piece ready for assembly

And here's the all finished chassis! The exhaust back box was re-airbrushed to add more details to it

I also chose the wheels I shall be using for the 86: The Aoshima Gram Lights 57Xtreme

However, the tires included with the Aoshima rims have a very low profile, are way narrower than the rims and they are meant to be mounted at a stance! So instead, I'm using a set of Fujimi Bridgestone Potenza RE711

Finally, here's my first mock-up to see how the ride height will look by choosing Aoshima's lowest option

With the chassis complete, I continued detailing and weathering the FA20 engine and all of its pieces

It was then time to start working on the interior. A pair of b-pillars were made from styrene (to attach the front seats belt to later on) and the gap on the front seats filled with putty (where these are joined together)

Then, all the interior parts together with the wipers and their assembly were airbrushed in 2K primer

Once dry I began airbrushing the required colours and masking, so that more colours could be applied

After applying the satin grey, I did more elaborate masking so that more colours could be airbrushed

Finally, it was time to remove all the masking and see the end result!

The dash panels were then covered in carbon fiber decal to look like the optional vinyls of the real 86

Front and back seat belts were added using T2M black seat belt material and photo-etch parts

Then, charcoal grey flocking was added to the interior and luggage boot floor, together with the parcel shelf

The gearbox tunnel, rear wheel arches and the rear seats back side were also covered with flocking

Finally, it was time to assemble all the interior parts together and call the interior done! Here it is...

With the interior done, I then airbrushed the body and all remaining parts with Zero Paints white primer

Then, I airbrushed the engine bay, luggage boot area and back side of the body panels in colour. This was done so that I would be able to assemble all body pieces together and airbrush everything in one piece

Everything was then airbrushed in the H8R colour and separated once again, to apply the 2K clear (below)

While the clear was drying off, I made a pair of Japanese license plates from the Aoshima decals. Big thanks goes to tami, a friend from Japan, for his careful instructions and help while doing these plates!

Here are the finished wheels, airbrushed in Light Gun Metal and 2K clear with T2M-1057 air valves

The windows roof liner was covered in flocking while the rear windows were airbrushed using de-canted Tamiya smoke. Special thanks goes to a local friend, Mark for his help with laying down the smoke layers

Next job was polishing! Here's the shine achieved after first using the micro-mesh set and then Tamiya's compounds

After attaching the bumpers, lights, wheels and windows, the body was finally attached to the chassis

Next job was to attach the engine. Additional details were ABS lines, decals, dipstick, cables and hoses

I also decided to add a front and side lips, which I made out of different styrene thickness and airbrushed in satin black

These lips were then added to the 86 body and here's a picture before the final parts are assembled

All the remaining body pieces were assembled and it was finally finished. Here's the all finished 86!

For the complete set of finished pictures, head over to the Gallery section, or click here to be directed!

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