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Tamiya Toyota Supra


  • Plasti-Kote primer, Cosmos Bright Red spray, Mazda 27A Velocity Red and Plasti-Kote clear


  • Crazy Modeler KYB decal on engine air inlet cover

  • Black felt material on rear boot floor
  • Body lowered by 3mm on wheels

Offers inside

Tamiya Box. Kit no. 123

Pieces provided inside the box

Body and undercarriage primered using Plasti-Kote white primer

Undercarriage all painted up and ready for final assembly

And here's the finished undercarriage

Rims were then primed, sprayed in Tamiya gun-metal, clear-coated and assembled

Next job was the engine. Here it is all sprayed and painted, ready for assembly

And here's the 2JZ-GTE engine mounted inside the Supra's engine bay

Only addition here is the KYB decal which I attached on the air intake feed

Interior was finished in semi-gloss black with flat-red seat inserts and door cards

After the white primer, the body was sprayed in bright red then coated in Mazda 27A Velocity Red

It was then clear-coated and finally polished and waxed acquiring the shine seen above

Having the body ready, I then masked the windows and got everything ready for final assembly

And finally, here's the finished Toyota Supra from Tamiya!

For the complete set of finished pictures, head over to the Gallery section, or click here to be directed!