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Fujimi Toyota Vitz U


  • PlastiKote white primer, PPG Toyota 8K8 Dark Blue Mica and Kapci 2K clear


  • Modified Tamiya Skyline GT-R R33 rims and tires

  • Tamiya mesh on the front bumper inlet duct instead of the Fujimi original grill
  • Tamiya Skyline GT-R R34 front and rear brakes
  • Crazy Modeler Brembo decals on front brake calipers
  • Charcoal grey flocking applied to interior floor and parcel shelf
  • Evolution VI resin radiator installed behind front bumper
  • Scratch-built front spoiler and side-skirts from automotive body filler
  • Tamiya Nissan 350Z rear spoiler modified to fit the Vitz
  • Crazy Modeler photo-etched disc brakes, originally for the R34 Skyline

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Fujimi Box

Pieces provided inside the box

First thing to do was to remove the ugly solid grill Fujimi provides for the front bumper

This will be replaced with a proper mesh, originally from a Tamiya R34 Skyline

I shall be using Tamiya GT-R R33 wheels and R34 brakes. Here's a comparison with the original Fujimi ones

The new brakes will be glued directly to the Fujimi hubs, keeping them rotating freely

The new wheels were also too wide for the Vitz, so I had to cut about 3mm from their back side to fit

Next, I sprayed the body, chassis and side mirrors in white primer

Then, I sprayed the chassis in the Toyota 8K8 dark blue mica

Every part was then painted and attached so here's the finished undercarriage

With the chassis ready, I then started working on the interior and rims, first by applying primer

The dash, steering and sides were airbrushed in dark grey and then masked for the light grey

After airbrushing the light grey, the interior was again masked for the matt blue

Finally, here's the finished interior, all assembled up. Final addition was flocking to the parcel shelf and floor

The rims were next and these were first sprayed silver, added decals and then clear-coated

While test fitting the body onto the undercarriage, I noticed that the bigger wheels caused a considerable height between the body and the floor and decided that a small body-kit was necessary. So first I took the primer off the body using brake fluid and then I scratch-built a new front spoiler and side-skirts from automotive body filler which I then sanded smooth with the existing front bumper and original side strips. Here's the finished result

I also added a rear boot spoiler. This was originally a Tamiya 350Z boot spoiler which I had to seriously modify to fit!

Once happy with the modifications, the Vitz was primered using Plasti-Kote white primer

This was followed by the PPG Toyota 8K8 Dark Blue Mica and Kapci 2K clear

Then, I removed all the orange-peel using a Micro-mesh set, polished with an automotive compound and finally waxed

All that remained, was to fully assemble the Vitz and take out the garage diorama for the completed pictures!

For the complete set of finished pictures, head over to the Gallery section, or click here to be directed!

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