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Fujimi Toyota Vitz U

Completed: 2011


  • PlastiKote primer

  • PPG Toyota 8K8 Dark Blue Mica
  • Kapci 2K clear


  • Modified Tamiya Skyline GT-R R33 rims and tires

  • Tamiya mesh on the front bumper inlet duct instead of the Fujimi original grill
  • Tamiya Skyline GT-R R34 front and rear brakes
  • Crazy Modeler Brembo decals on front brake calipers
  • Charcoal grey flocking applied to interior floor and parcel shelf
  • Evolution VI resin radiator installed behind front bumper
  • Scratch-built front spoiler and side-skirts from automotive body filler
  • Tamiya Nissan 350Z rear spoiler modified to fit the Vitz
  • Crazy Modeler photo-etched disc brakes, originally for the R34 Skyline

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In December 2010, I went to Catania with the Vitz to take part in the 'XVII Mostra Concorso di Modellismo Storico'. The little Toyota earned a 'Certificate of Merit', which I was pretty happy with. Here it is at the Exhibition table!

And a picture showing the tiny Vitz among other competition entries on the 'Mezzi Civili' table

Finally, here's the Vitz pictured next to the 'Certificate of Merit' it earned!

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