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The tutorials below show you exactly my way of doing things. They may not necessarily mean that these are the best procedures to follow out there, but they are the methods I found best to work with. I have experimented with many different procedures over time and finally made up my own from all the experiences I've come across. I believe that every modeller has his own ways of doing things, so feel free to view my tutorials and adapt them for yourself. 

Some tutorials refer to using dangerous or sharp tools, like rotary tool and blades. Where these tools are referred to, I always encourage the use of safety equipment, like safety glasses or masks, so please utilize these accordingly. I take no responsibility for any damages or injuries incurred from following these methods, use at your own risk.

Increasing Rim size using Styrene

Doing Panel Lines

Custom Hoses & Rods!

Custom Exhaust Tips

Having the right exhaust tips is important when detailing a car, so here I explain how I make my own from metal rods

Custom Window Masks

When window masks are not provided in the kit contents, we have to make our own. Here I show the procedure I follow for this job

Applying Flocking

Whenever I post pictures of my completed interiors, people ask me about how I lay down the carpets! So when I started doing the Fujimi Civic EK interior, I saw it as the perfect base to document the whole flocking process.

Lowering a Fujimi Honda Civic (EK model)

If you're building a Fujimi Honda Civic EK, most probably you're thinking about lowering the body on the wheels. When I built my own Civic, I figured out the best method for me and documented the whole process to help other modeller do the same! 

Lowering certain Tamiya kits, the easier way!

Lowering a model car may sometimes be a headache as it involves lots of thinking and work. But with certain Tamiya kits, this headache can be saved since there's an easy procedure you can follow, which will leave your wheels rotating freely too! 

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Polishing a Car Body

Listed inside is the full procedure I follow to polish a car body, from the moment the 2K clear dries up to the moment I declare a car fully finished! So click the picture above and see my way of polishing a body. Feel free to adapt the procedure for yourself!

Getting a Body ready for Primer

This is the complete procedure I follow from the moment I take a body out of the box, until I lay primer on it. People often ask me what method, tools or sandpaper I use to prepare a body... well, wonder no more... it's inside this tutorial!!

Tinting Car Windows

Are you interested in tinting your car windows but are not sure about how to proceed? Click above, and see how I do it!

Fitting Male Wheel adaptors

This tutorial is about fitting male adaptors to the back of our rims and then using them on female brakes, mostly popular with Tamiya kits. This is to show you my way of fitting them at a 90° angle with the rim, which is important to fit the wheel straight

Modifying the Wheels depth

Nowadays many of us are using a combination of tires and rims to get the required look. But sometimes, the rims are wider than the tires and therefore would require cutting out to get to size. This tutorial explains my way of getting them the same size!

More info inside