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ZoomOn Spoon Honda Civic FD2 (Latest ver.)

This Spoon Sports Honda Civic Type-R FD2 full kit, was released by ZoomOn in 2017. It gives you the opportunity to build a miniature version of the famous Civic that was built by Spoon Sports and modified to be driven from the middle of the vehicle.

In the pictures below I have tried to capture every part that is included with this full kit. The only missing part I found was the MoTeC C127 dash. But I didn't complain about it since the shape is basic and can easilly be scratch-built. I won't be adding a comment about every part included as I usually do since all parts need some sort of cleaning or adjusting, due to the resin casting. But you can see the pictures and judge yourself about the amount of work this kit needs before starting the airbrushing phase. Let's go...

This is the box in which this full kit comes in. It's a limited run of 88 pieces

On the back it shows you a list of all the contents you'll find inside the box

Opening the box, another small picture of the actual car greets you

These are all the resin parts you'll get, packed into 5 plastic bags. There are also the clear parts for the head & tail lamps included in the first bag

And these are all the other contents you get, which are the vacu-formed windows, masking stickers, photo-etch parts, Spoon livery decal and a carbon decal, green harness material and 2 instruction manuals

Now let's begin looking at the parts closely, first with the body. Mine had a fair amount of orange-peel like texture on the body, meaning more sanding! It took a lot of time to get it ready for primer due to this

Who like me, is building the Latest ver. need to close that hole on the right side of the hood, and open a new one on the mudguard due to the new exhaust location. Body had several other imperfections in the casting and these also took a lot of time to correct

The chassis features many details and ZoomOn even added a new piece of styrene to the back for a better fitment with the body

This is the other side of the chassis, where the whole interior attaches

The chassis fits loose inside the body, even though that styrene piece was added on the rear. In the picture above, the rear part is touching with the bumper while at the front there is still a small gap between the chassis and the bumper. This results in the chassis moving slightly freely inside the body. This may be due to resin shrinkage

This is the diffuser that will cover the entire chassis once attached. It is a bit bent and will require some heating to get it into the right shape

The Titan 7 rims are nicely casted and very detailed. They even have the air valves

Tires are also nicely detailed and made from soft rubber. Only downside about these are that they are all molded the same, with the same direction. This means that once mounted, 2 tires will have their thread facing backwards

The head-lamps and tail-lamps are both made of resin, however these were nicely chromed too. Clear parts look well made too and fit good on the resin parts

Now let's have a closer look at all the remaining resin pieces included

Masking sheets need cutting with a sharp blade, but nothing major about this. There are also 3 strips of green harness material and metal stickers included

These are the 2 sheets of photo-etch parts, mesh, exhaust pipe and steering cable

Windows are vacu-formed and need to be cut manually. Don't know about their fitment yet, will know once I start working on the body!

Finally, here's a closer look at the 2 instruction leaflets included with this full kit

Well, those are all the contents included with this full kit. I have already built this Honda Civic and you can follow the full progress by clicking on the picture below. You will also see my comments about the quality encountered while actually building it.

I bought mine when ZoomOn made a 50% discount on this kit to celebrate their Anniversary, so I can't complain much when it comes to price vs contents! You get a lot of parts included and we must consider that everything's included... complete kit, PE parts, carbon decal, metal stickers... well, everything to build a replica of that unique FD2!

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