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ZoomOn Spoon 16" Wheels set ZR006

This is the ZoomOn box the wheels arrived in. It has a nicely printed logo on it too

Inside the box is a card with the ZoomOn website clearly written on it... and the Spoon wheels too!

This is the contents I received: the Spoon wheels complete with Advan tires, a decal sheet and 4 wheel adaptors

The front, visible sides of these rims are well casted and only require a little amount of cleaning before applying primer

One thing I noticed was that only 1 rim had a resin air valve included which was part of the rim itself. On another rim, I noticed a small notch, part of what was planned to be an air valve, while on the other 2 rims, there was no sign whatsoever of any air valves. This is nothing major though as you can easilly remove the resin pieces and replace them with additional metal ones

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Another thing noticed was that the Advan tires have the markings 195/60 HR14, which may look strange since these tires are actually wrapped around 16" rims! However, once again this is nothing major as these Advans look great around the Spoons!

On the back side these are casted as male fitment, which is very positive if you're planning on using them on the Hasegawa Civic EG kits. The same goes if you're going to use them on most Tamiya kits. If on the other hand, you'll be installing them on a kit with female fitment rims, you'll need to use the adaptors that are included with these rims. That's nice from ZoomOn!

The back side of the rims is not as neatly casted as the front. However this won't be visible on the completed car, and can be easilly corrected by filling and/or sanding these areas. Out of the four rims, I only had one with the casting as seen above

The tires are also well casted and the material is soft rubber. Some flash pieces could be noticed, as seen above, but these were located at the back side of the tires and could be easilly removed with a blade or while sanding the tire for a worn look

This is a close up of the wheel adaptors that are included. As mentioned earlier, these would come handy if you're planning on installing these rims on a kit with female fitment wheels, such as a Fujimi or Aoshima kit. Some modification is necessary to fit

Finally, this is the decal sheet. Decals included are 4x EVO, 4x red Spoon, 4x yellow Spoon and the RegaMaster ones for the circumference of the rim. This is great as you can opt to make the rims in 2 different versions: the plain Spoon SW388 with one Spoon decal on each rims, or the Desmond RegaMaster EVO ones using all the decals included except for the Spoon ones!

I bought these wheels for $15.00, equivalent to around 13.50 Euros, shipping included. Considering everything you get for that price, I think these are worth including in your shopping cart as I'm sure they'll look great underneath any JDM (mostly Honda) build! Overall, they are well casted and only need minor attention before actual primer can be applied.

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