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ZoomOn Z004 Toyota Supra TRD spoiler for Tamiya

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This is the ZoomOn box the spoiler arrived in. It has a nicely printed logo on it too

The overall delivery package didn't have enough adequate transport protection, hence the damage seen on the box above

However the spoiler was well protected, attached to a styrofoam piece and inside a bag. No damage to the spoiler was found

This is the spoiler. It's well casted and well detailed too. On my spoiler, I could only notice little marks that needed cleaning

On the inner side, there are some rough edges that need to be taken care of. On my spoiler, I needed to smooth this down and spray some primer to see if it needs filling or not, most probably yes. But it's nothing major!

The back side have 2 flash pieces that need to be carefully cut out and smoothed. Once again, this should be an easy job

On several other parts, especially the bottom side of the wing, there are some little flash pieces that are easilly sanded

Luckily, thanks to Andrew McCredden, I had a Tamiya Supra very close to my desk so I could do a test fit of the spoiler! Here I noted that the mounting pins at the bottom of the ZoomOn spoiler are at a different location that those on the original Tamiya spoiler. Because of this, you would need to plan exactly where the spoiler would sit, mark and drill new holes on the rear hatch

On the picture below you can see the different location of the guide pins beneath both the ZoomOn and Tamiya spoilers. You can clearly note that the ZoomOn ones are at a higher point. The pins of the original spoiler were once situated where the wire is inserted (sorry if they are not there anymore, this is an old spoiler which was installed and the pins broke inside the body!!) 

I bought this spoiler for $7.00, equivalent to around 6.20 Euros, shipping included. For that price, I think it's a cool addition to any Tamiya Toyota Supra build. Overall, it's well casted and only needs minor attention before actual primer is applied. To me, it's another great product from ZoomOn.

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